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Our History

Winding its way through hills and valleys of thick bush, forests of stately Karri, Jarrah, Tingle and Marri, crossing streams and rivers of pristine waters, and heading through farmland towards Manjimup, Graphite Road weaves its way through the region and its history.

The timber and forestry industry created Manjimup, but the discovery of graphite saw the birth of Graphite Road, to provide access to the lode. The potential of Manjimup’s desirable soils were first noticed in the 1880s by geologists looking to find quality agricultural land. Research determined that the unique properties of the region would lend itself well to providing successful cultivation of a wide range of produce and industries. This has since proven itself to be true, especially for the wine industry. 

In the 1970s the first of the grape vines were planted. Graphite Road Estate was established from vineyards that were cultivated over 20 years ago. Our vines flourish in the fertile and gravelly loam soils – soils that are rich with the the minerals from below - ironstone and granite - and sheltered by the majestic Karri trees towering overhead.

Within its pristine environment, this productive earth combined with its Continental climate, create a growing season that echoes Bordeaux.

Its cold winters promote vine dormancy. Plentiful spring rain encourages ample budburst and new growth. And the Summers and Autumns provide long, dry, warm days and with cool, dry nights. This results in the best conditions for grape development. The even temperatures experienced during the ripening period ensures intense fruit flavours.

With minimal intervention, the outcome are premium handcrafted wines of depth and quality, where the past and present splendour of Graphite Road is captured in every bottle. 

Graphite Road Estate wines are a true expression of this special region, allowing the exceptional character, quality and flavour to be showcased.